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Mobile Roadie is a self-service software platform that allows customers from small businesses to music artists and everything in between to create, customize and manage their own mobile apps.

The application end user is able to get up-to-date first hand information like news, event schedules, ticketing, photos, videos, and other features on the go.

Mobile Roadie was the first to launch this type of service for mobile apps.

My role was to create and establish first-class designs for our enterprise clients, in addition to working alongside VIP clients on every aspect of their app from design to exclusive features.

Role: Lead Visual Design
Tools: Photoshop & Illustrator

Award Winning Applications

Exclusive Mobile Applications



Because Mobile Roadie’s clientele spread across different industries, each client I worked with brought on different challenges that required me to tailor my designs to fit their needs while still working inside the parameters of the SaaS platform.

My design process for each client followed a basic framework:

Basic Framework



First, after receiving a design request, I sought out to understand the unique needs of both the client and target user. This research helped me to create the conceptual design.

Layout Sketches


User Interface Design for Official Madonna Apps in Adobe Photoshop



After the research phase, I implemented the design to Mobile Roadie’s content management system (CMS) and software as a service (SaaS) platform. The client was then able to preview their interactive mobile app on Mobile Roadie Connect and provide feedback before the official launch.

Content Mangement System (CMS) & Mobile Roadie Connect for Smartphone and Tablet




Some clients would have an idea of what they wanted their mobile app to be without considering the design and functionality limitations of the software. So my team and I would try to understand their needs while still being straightforward about what was or was not feasible. In most cases when information was limited, we were able to propose to them a design concept to see if that was what they were looking for. Most of the visual design assets were created from scratch including app icon, loading image, overall application looks and feel, image background, button design and icon designs, etc.

Widget Design for David Guetta App


Additional features includes Interactive Maps, PhotoCards, Catalogs, Live Cameras, etc.

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